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Arriva Udine S.p.A.

Operators Details

NameArriva Udine S.p.A.
AddressI-33100 Udine, via del Partidor 13
WWW Pagehttp://tplfvg.it
Phone+39 0432 608111
Operators AttributesRegular Bus OperatorTourist Bus Operator
Other InformationCustomer service: 800 915303
Customer service: +39 0432 524406

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List Of Vehicles

Current Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
1142-1261 Iveco Crossway Pro 12MIvecoIveco Crossway2015-
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771-775 MAN A21 Lion`s CityMANMAN Lion`s CityMAN NLxx3 (A21/A22)2008-
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755 Neoplan N1122/3CNeoplanNeoplan N122/N1122 Skyliner2008-No Photo1/1
1048-1162 Iveco Daily 50C17IvecoIveco Daily (5)Iveco Daily 502011-No Photo10/10
1027-1029 Cacciamali TTC840GTCacciamaliCacciamali TCI8402011-No Photo3/3
134-1168 Scania K113 / De Simon IL3De SimonDe Simon IL/IN/ISScania K1131997-No Photo1/53
8033-8056 Scania CN320UB 4x2 EB CNGScaniaScania Citywide LFScania OC09 106 3202018-
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1163-1167 Scania LK360IB 4x2 NB OmniExpress 3.20ScaniaScania OmniExpress 3.20Scania K IB 4x2 NBScania DC09 112 3602015-
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1193 Iveco Daily 60-170IvecoIveco Daily (6)Iveco Daily 602016-No Photo1/1
1030-1083 Irisbus Crossway 12MIrisbusIrisbus Crossway / ArwayIrisbus SFR116Iveco Cursor 8 F2BE3682B2011-No Photo3/3
673-726 Dalla Via TintorettoDalla ViaDalla Via Tintoretto2001-No Photo1/9
650 Scania / De Simon New IntercityDe SimonDe Simon New Intercity2006-No Photo1/1
1077-1192 VDL Synergy SDD-130/510BerkhofVDL Synergy SDDVDL SBR4000DAF MX375U1ZF 12 AS 2x01 BO2012-
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601-1130 Irisbus Arway 12MIrisbusIrisbus Crossway / Arway2006-
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1233-1245 VDL Futura FDD2 130/510VDLVDL Futura FDD2DAF MX-13 3752017-No Photo5/5
537-649 Mercedes-Benz O550Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O5502003-
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1017-1020 Irisbus Evadys H 12MIrisbusIrisbus EvadysIrisbus SFR116Iveco Cursor 8 F2BE3682A2010-No Photo4/4
193 Setra S431 DTSetraSetra TopClass 400 DT2007-No Photo1/1
1170 MAN ÜL290 Lion`s IntercityMANMAN ÜLxx0 Lion`s IntercityMAN ÜLxx0 (R60)MAN D0836LOH722016-
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1001-1056 Scania K400EB 4x2 NI / Irizar New CenturyIrizarIrizar New CenturyScania K EB 4x2 NI2010-No Photo2/2
1003-1054 VDL Synergy SDD-141/510BerkhofVDL Synergy SDDVDL SBR4000DAF MX375U1ZF 12 AS 2x01 BO2010-No Photo6/6
8020-8029 Iveco Urbanway 12M CNGIvecoIveco UrbanwayIveco Cursor 82015-No Photo10/10
129-688 Neoplan N4426/3 ÜNeoplanNeoplan N44xx Centroliner2001-No Photo4/13
1101-1236 Otokar Vectio UOtokarOtokar Doruk / VectioMAN D0836LOH65ZF 6 S 1010 BO2013-No Photo19/19
776-781 BredaMenarinibus M240LBredaMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus M231/240/340BredaMenarinibus M2402005-No Photo6/6
80-803 Scania CN280UB 4x2 EBScaniaScania OmniCity (N-series)Scania N UB 4x2 EBScania DC9 38 280ZF 6HP604C2008-No Photo7/8
8001-8019 Irisbus Citelis 12M CNGIrisbusIrisbus CitelisIrisbus Citelis 12 (PS0)Iveco Cursor 8 F2BE0642FVoith D854.52011-No Photo13/13
8006-8011 Irisbus Citelis 12MIrisbusIrisbus CitelisIrisbus Citelis 12 (PS0)Iveco Cursor 8 F2BE3682CVoith D854.52012-
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8030-8058 Iveco Urbanway 12MIvecoIveco UrbanwayIveco Tector 7 F4AFE681CVoith D854.62016-
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1134 MAN RHC444 Lion`s CoachMANMAN RHCxx4 Lion`s Coach (2002)MAN RHCxx4 (R02/R07)MAN D2676LOH302015-
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497-730 De Simon IN3.301De SimonDe Simon IL/IN/IS2000-
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284-530 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHDMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O350Mercedes-Benz OM457LA [457.944]1996-No Photo4/5
548-620 Scania K114IB / Beulas AuraBeulasBeulas AuraScania K114IB2005-
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1084 MAN RHC484 Lion`s Coach LMANMAN RHCxx4 Lion`s Coach (2002)MAN RHCxx4L (R03/R08)MAN D2676LOH272013-No Photo1/1
756-760 Scania LK340IB 4x2 NB OmniExpress 3.40ScaniaScania OmniExpress 3.40Scania K IB 4x2 NBScania DC12 10 3402008-No Photo5/5
734,735 Scania LK340EB 4x2 NI OmniExpress 3.40ScaniaScania OmniExpress 3.40Scania K EB 4x2 NIScania DC12 10 3402009-No Photo2/2
1004-1121 Irisbus Arway 10.6MIrisbusIrisbus Crossway / Arway2010-No Photo4/4
100-525 Iveco 370.12.L25 / Dalla ViaDalla ViaDalla Via ClipperIveco 370.12 (702)2001-
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499-699 MAN 11.220 HOCL / Beulas Midistar ´EBeulasBeulas MidistarMAN 10/11.xxx HOCL (469)2001-No Photo5/6
477-718 MAN 11.220 HOCL / De Simon IDM 55.01De SimonDe Simon IDMMAN 10/11.xxx HOCL (469)1997-No Photo1/9
1131,1132 Otokar Territo UOtokarOtokar TerritoCummins ISB6.7 E6 310B2014-
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1169-1232 MAN ÜLxx0 Lion`s Intercity (R60)MANMAN ÜLxx0 Lion`s IntercityMAN ÜLxx0 (R60)2016-No Photo4/4
521,522 Mercedes-Benz O550LMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O550Mercedes-Benz OM457hLA [457.942]2006-No Photo2/2
668,669 Mercedes-Benz 616 CDI / Noge SprinterNogeNoge SprinterMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk I 616 CDIMercedes-Benz OM 612 DE 27 LA2005-
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701-752 Mercedes-Benz Travego 15RHDMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Travego2007-No Photo7/7
738-750 Irisbus Arway 12.8MIrisbusIrisbus Crossway / Arway2007-No Photo12/12
898 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 65Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter CityMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II 5xxMercedes-Benz OM 651 DE 22 LA2007-No Photo1/1
694-698 De Simon Millemiglia 10De SimonDe Simon Millemiglia2007-
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784 Iveco 491E.12.27 CityClassIvecoIveco 491E/591E CityClassIveco 491E.12 CityClass2007-
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9040-9042 Mercedes-Benz 310 CDIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IIMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II 3xxMercedes-Benz OM 651 DE 22 LA2014-No Photo3/3
1172 Iveco CC100E22 / Iribus ProwayIrisbusCacciamali Tema IVIveco Euromidi 1002015-No Photo1/1
1156-1265 Iveco Crossway Pro 10.8MIvecoIveco Crossway2015-No Photo11/11
753 Mercedes-Benz 515 CDIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IIMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II 5xxMercedes-Benz OM 646 DE 22 LA [646.989/990]2008-No Photo1/1
1133 Iveco Crossway Line 12MIvecoIveco Crossway2015-No Photo1/1
9072,9073 FIAT Ducato IIIFIATFIAT Ducato IIIFIAT Ducato III2018-No Photo2/2

Historic Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
49-182 Iveco 370S.12.L25IvecoIveco 370SIveco 370.12 (702)19912011No Photo0/10
549 Beulas Cygnus 12MBeulasBeulas Cygnus20062014
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263-305 Mercedes-Benz O408Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O408Mercedes-Benz 357/612 O40519942012No Photo0/19
258 Mercedes-Benz O303-10KHP-AMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O303Mercedes-Benz O303-10R19912011No Photo0/1
785-799 BredaMenarinibus M240LUBredaMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus M231/240/340BredaMenarinibus M240Mercedes-Benz OM906LA [906.961]ZF 5HP50220032019
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510-573 Iveco EuroRider 391E.12.29 / OrlandiOrlandiOrlandi EuroRiderIveco EuroRider 391E.12 (662)20012018
View All
106-253 Mercedes-Benz O303-15KHP-AMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O303Mercedes-Benz O303-15R19882010No Photo0/13
110-540 Mercedes-Benz O350-15SHDMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O350Mercedes-Benz OM457LA [457.944]20012015No Photo0/4
361-368 Neoplan N316 SHDNeoplanNeoplan N3xx Transliner II19982014No Photo0/8
822-883 Iveco 491.12.22 CityClass CNGIvecoIveco 491E/591E CityClassIveco 491E.12 CityClass20002016No Photo0/19
515 Iveco EuroRider 391E.10.29 / OrlandiOrlandiOrlandi EuroRiderIveco EuroRider 391E.1020022017No Photo0/1
889-897 BredaMenarinibus M240NUBredaMenarinibusBredaMenarinibus M231/240/340BredaMenarinibus M240Mercedes-Benz OM906LA [906.961]ZF 5HP50220032018
View All
177,178 Iveco 370SE.12.35 / Dalla ViaDalla ViaDalla Via ClipperIveco 370.12 (702)19962011No Photo0/2
331-767 ?Volvo 7250VolvoCarrus VegaVolvo B10B (R1)19992016No Photo0/25
141,142 Menarini M110MenariniMenarini M11019992009No Photo0/2
140-213 Mercedes-Benz O303-15R / Menarini SLMenariniMenarini C 15Mercedes-Benz O303-15R19942008No Photo0/5
101-109 Irizar InterCenturyIrizarIrizar Century19972013No Photo0/3
203-212 Mercedes-Benz O303-15R / Padane ZRPadanePadane ZRMercedes-Benz O303-15R19942008No Photo0/3
825-877 Autodromo BusOtto UL.22AutodromoAutodromo BusOttoMAN NLxx2 (895/898/A10/A15/A29)MAN D0826LUH12Voith D851.319972013No Photo0/10
68 Iveco 380 EuroClassOrlandiIveco 380 EuroClass19962011No Photo0/1
353-356 Setra S215 ULSetraSetra S21x ULMercedes-Benz OM447hAZF S6-9019912009No Photo0/4
267-273 ?Mercedes-Benz O340-15RHDMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O340Mercedes-Benz O303-15R?2011No Photo0/4
358 Neoplan N122NeoplanNeoplan N122/N1122 Skyliner19962007No Photo0/1
382-486 Volvo B10B / Camo CamusCamoCamo CamusVolvo B10B (R1)20002015No Photo0/19
439 Inbus I330InbusInbus I19952001No Photo0/1
175-327 Iveco 380.12.35 EuroClassOrlandiIveco 380 EuroClassIveco 380/389E.12 (742)Iveco 8460.41S?2012No Photo0/3
359,360 Neoplan N426/3NeoplanNeoplan N40xxNeoplan N426/320002011No Photo0/2
900 Iveco TurboDaily 49.10 / Autodromo PollicinoAutodromoAutodromo PollicinoIveco Daily 4919922013No Photo0/1
488-493 Neoplan N316 SHDNeoplanNeoplan N31x Euroliner20002013No Photo0/6
119-123 Mercedes-Benz O580-15RHDMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O580Mercedes-Benz 629 O580Mercedes-Benz OM457LA [457.944]20012015No Photo0/3
884-886 Mercedes-Benz O520Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O52020022012No Photo0/2
319-376 Neoplan N4026NeoplanNeoplan N40xx19982015
View All
887,888 Mercedes-Benz O520Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O520Mercedes-Benz OM904LA20022012No Photo0/2
754 Irisbus TourysIrisbusIndcar WingIveco Daily 6520082014No Photo0/1
885 Mercedes-Benz O520Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O520Mercedes-Benz OM904LA20022012No Photo0/1
341 Volvo B10-400 K/860DrögmöllerCarrus VegaVolvo B10B (R1)Volvo DH10A285 (A6)Volvo G8-EGS20002015No Photo0/1
262 Mercedes-Benz O303-15RHDMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O303Mercedes-Benz O303-15R19942016No Photo0/1
257 Mercedes-Benz O303-10R / Padane S2PadanePadane S2Mercedes-Benz O303-10R19912007No Photo0/1
214 Mercedes-Benz O303-9ÜE / Padane ZPadanePadane Z2Mercedes-Benz O303-9R19872007No Photo0/1
324,325 Iveco EuroRider 391E.12.29 / Dalla ViaDalla ViaDalla Via Eurorider DV46Iveco EuroRider 391E.12 (662)19982012No Photo0/2
800 Scania CK UA6x2/2LBScaniaScania OmniLink (K-series)Scania K UA6x2/2LB20022017No Photo0/1