Przewóz Osób ''Danex Express'' Marcin Patucha

Danex Express (Danex Express) Jaworzno ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
SJ 30449Mercedes-Benz 208 D19972006NoYesLink
SJ 34758Mercedes-Benz 412 D200020072011NoNoLink
SJ 37609Mercedes-Benz 412 D20012007NoYesLink
40SJ 77387Mercedes-Benz 416 CDI20052014NoYesLink
ZGL 58262Mercedes-Benz 518 CDI200820092011NoNoLink
38GDA 04857Mercedes-Benz 518 CDI20092009NoYesLink
38SJ 2776AMercedes-Benz 516 CDI / Bus-Center MB Sprinter20162016NoYesLink
40SK 286LMMercedes-Benz 519 CDI / Mercus MB Sprinter20172017NoYesLink
SJ 32043Mercedes-Benz 308 CDINoYesLink
SJ 21014Mercedes-Benz 308 DNoYesLink
KBG 947TMercedes-Benz 208 DNoYesLink
SJ 06013Mercedes-Benz 207 DNoYesLink
SJ 08613Mercedes-Benz 208 DNoYesLink
SJ 23821Mercedes-Benz 309 D2005NoYesLink
SJ 48871Peugeot Boxer II2009NoYesLink
SJ 54588Mercedes-Benz 208 D2010NoYesLink
SJ 15239Mercedes-Benz 312 DNoYesLink
SJ 25041Mercedes-Benz 308 DNoYesLink
SJ 30665Mercedes-Benz 408 D2006NoYesLink
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