Kieleckie Autobusy Spółka Pracownicza sp. z o.o.

KASP (KASP) Kielce ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
002WL 97104ЛАЗ A183D12007200820132013NoNoLink
001TK 2126KЛАЗ A183D1200720082013NoNoLink
004TK 5120KЛАЗ A183D12008200820192019NoNoLink
003TK 3884KЛАЗ A183D120082008NoYesLink
008TK 5253LМАЗ 20306920132014NoYesLink
005TK 2661KМАЗ 206085201320132019NoNoLink
006TK 4754KМАЗ 20608520132013NoYesLink
007TK 0057VМАЗ 20306920132013NoYesLink
009TK 7826LМАЗ 20306920132014NoYesLink
010TK 4067MМАЗ 20306920142014NoYesLink
011WPI 35341МАЗ 20306920142015NoYesLink
031TK 2654RTemsa Avenue 12LF20152016NoYesLink
012TK 0668NМАЗ 20306920152015NoYesLink
013TK 1529NМАЗ 20306920152015NoYesLink
014TK 3657NМАЗ 20306920152015NoYesLink
015TK 3727NМАЗ 20306920152015NoYesLink
016TK 3819NМАЗ 20306920152015NoYesLink
017TK 3820NМАЗ 20306920152015NoYesLink
030TK 2884RTemsa Avenue 12LF20152016NoYesLink
032TK 2655RTemsa Avenue 12LF20152016NoYesLink
036TK 4046STemsa Avenue 12LF20172017NoYesLink
035TK 4045STemsa Avenue 12LF20172017NoYesLink
034TK 2900STemsa Avenue 12LF20172017NoYesLink
033TK 2662STemsa Avenue 12LF20172017NoYesLink
040TK 0866VTemsa Avenue 12LF20182018NoYesLink
039TK 0865VTemsa Avenue 12LF20182018NoYesLink
038TK 2502UTemsa MD 9 LE20182018NoYesLink
037TK 2350UTemsa MD 9 LE20182018NoYesLink
043TK 4600VTemsa Avenue 12LF20192019NoYesLink
042TK 5443VTemsa Avenue 12LF20192019NoYesLink
045TK 4800VTemsa Avenue 12LF20192019NoYesLink
041TK 5482VTemsa Avenue 12LF20192019NoYesLink
044TK 4700VTemsa Avenue 12LF20192019NoYesLink
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