Verkehrsbetriebe St. Gallen

VBSG (VBSG) St. Gallen ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
123WAB 617PSaurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
120WAC 5534Saurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
305WAB 632PMoser APE4/80195719571992NoNoLink
124WAC 5537Saurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
127WAB 620PSaurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
128GA 39CSaurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
121W0 3721Saurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
130WAB 628PSaurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
126WAB 618PSaurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
122WAC 5539Saurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
129Saurer ST4TIILM1957195719921995NoNoLink
125WAB 629PSaurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
315WAB 633PMoser APE4/80195719571992NoNoLink
119WAB 630PSaurer ST4TIILM195719571992NoNoLink
330W0 3716Moser APE4/80196919691992NoNoLink
329Moser APE4/80196919691992NoNoLink
333WAB 631PMoser APE4/80197019701992NoNoLink
331WAB 624PMoser APE4/80197019701992NoNoLink
337WAB 621PMoser APE4/80197019701992NoNoLink
338WAB 622PMoser APE4/80197019701992NoNoLink
335WAB 625PMoser APE4/80197019701992NoNoLink
142KA-42-46Saurer 4TP54197119711992NoNoLink
210SG 141210Saurer SH560 / Hess19831983?NoNoLink
215SG 141215Saurer SH560 / Hess19831983?NoNoLink
211SG 141211Saurer SH560 / Hess198319832008NoNoLink
219SG 141219Saurer SH560 / Hess19831983?NoNoLink
218SG 141218Saurer SH560 / Hess198319832008NoNoLink
216SG 141216Saurer SH560 / Hess198319832008NoNoLink
212SG 141212Saurer SH560 / Hess198319832008NoNoLink
220SG 141220Saurer SH560 / Hess19831983?NoNoLink
217SG 141217Saurer SH560 / Hess198319832008NoNoLink
213SG 141213Saurer SH560 / Hess198319832008NoNoLink
214SG 141214Saurer SH560 / Hess198319832008NoNoLink
111Saurer GT560 / Hess198419842009NoNoLink
101Saurer / Hess198419842001NoNoLink
109Saurer / Hess198419842001NoNoLink
102Saurer GT560 / Hess198419842008NoNoLink
103Saurer GT560 / Hess198419842008NoNoLink
104Saurer GT560 / Hess198419842009NoNoLink
105Saurer GT560 / Hess198419842009NoNoLink
106Saurer GT560 / Hess1984198420082011NoNoLink
107Saurer GT560 / Hess1984198420082010NoNoLink
110Saurer GT560 / Hess198419842009NoNoLink
108Saurer GT560 / Hess198419842009NoNoLink
240SG 198240NAW/Hess BGU 5-251988198820082008NoNoLink
232BV-49-WINNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008?NoNoLink
250BV-76-VINNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008?NoNoLink
248SG 198248NAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
245SG 198245NAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
238SG 198238NAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
247BV-03-VINNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008?NoNoLink
235MM-64-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
242MM-65-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
249MM-33-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
237MM-32-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
246MM-30-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
243MM-59-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
MM-34-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
234MM-62-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
251MM-16-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882009NoNoLink
244MM-61-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882008NoNoLink
241MM-58-URBNAW BGU 5-25 / Hess198819882009NoNoLink
231SG 198231NAW/Hess BGU 5-25198819882008NoNoLink
233SG 198233NAW/Hess BGU 5-25198819882008NoNoLink
236SG 198236NAW/Hess BGU 5-25198819882008NoNoLink
239SG 198239NAW/Hess BGU 5-25198819882008NoNoLink
209POZ 50NEMercedes-Benz O405N1990199019972010NoNoLink
158J01-K-730NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
161K95-M-028NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
160J01-K-733NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
154J01-K-727NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
156E01-A-206NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
151J01-K-731NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
157O65-M-027NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
159K95-M-130NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
162J01-K-726NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
153K95-M-034NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
155NAW BGGT 5-25 / Hess199119912005YesLink
152K95-M-025NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199119912010NoNoLink
163K95-M-026NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199219922010NoNoLink
167K95-M-027NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199219922010NoNoLink
165J01-K-728NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199219922010NoNoLink
166K95-M-033NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199219922010NoNoLink
164J01-K-732NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199219922010NoNoLink
168O54-K-673NAW BGT 5-25 / Hess199219922010NoNoLink
299SG 198 299MAN NG353 Lion`s City GXL20062008NoYesMAN MünchenLink
267SG 109267MAN NM283 Lion's City M20082008NoYesLink
173NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
171NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
172NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
174NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
175NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
176NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
177NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
178NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
179NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20082008NoYesLink
271SG 198271MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
273SG 198273MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
274SG 198274MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
275SG 198275MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
276SG 198276MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
272SG 198272MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
277SG 198277MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
278SG 198278MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
279SG 198279MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
280SG 198280MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
281SG 198281MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
282SG 198282MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
283SG 198283MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
284SG 198284MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
285SG 198285MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
286SG 198286MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
287SG 198287MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
288SG 198288MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
289SG 198289MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
290SG 198290MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20082008NoYesLink
261SG 198261MAN NL323 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
262SG 198262MAN NL323 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
263SG 198263MAN NM283 Lion`s City M20082008NoYesLink
264SG 198264MAN NM283 Lion`s City M20082008NoYesLink
253SG 198253MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
254SG 198254MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
255SG 198255MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
256SG 198256MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
257SG 198257MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
258SG 198258MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
259SG 198259MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
260SG 198260MAN NL263 Lion`s City20082008NoYesLink
265SG 109265MAN NM283 Lion's City M20082008NoYesLink
266SG 109266MAN NM283 Lion's City M20082008NoYesLink
268SG 109268MAN NM283 Lion's City M20082008NoYesLink
188Hess/Kiepe BGGT-N2C20092009NoYesLink
294SG 198294MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20092009NoYesLink
194Hess/Kiepe BGGT-N2C20092009NoYesLink
193Hess/Kiepe BGGT-N2C20092009NoYesLink
192Hess/Kiepe BGGT-N2C20092009NoYesLink
191Hess/Kiepe BGGT-N2C20092009NoYesLink
190Hess/Kiepe BGGT-N2C20092009NoYesLink
189Hess/Kiepe BGGT-N2C20092009NoYesLink
186NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
185NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
184NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
183NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
181NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
180NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
187NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
182NAW BGT-N2C / Hess20092009NoYesLink
298SG 198298MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL Ü20092009NoYesLink
297SG 198297MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL Ü20092009NoYesLink
296SG 198296MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20092009NoYesLink
295SG 198295MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20092009NoYesLink
269SG 198269MAN NM283 Lion`s City M20102010NoYesLink
270SG 198270MAN NM283 Lion`s City M20102010NoYesLink
210SG 198210MAN NG363 Lion`s City GL20112011NoYesLink
214SG 198214MAN NL363 Lion`s City20182018NoYesLink
215SG 198215MAN NL363 Lion`s City20182018NoYesLink
216SG 198216MAN NL363 Lion`s City20182018NoYesLink
301SG 415301Hess PA 1220182018NoYesLink
211SG 198211MAN NL363 Lion`s City20182018NoYesLink
303SG 415303Hess PA 1220182018NoYesLink
304SG 415304Hess PA 1220182018NoYesLink
305SG 415305Hess PA 1220182018NoYesLink
220SG 198220Solaris Urbino 8,9 LE electric20182019NoYesLink
302SG 415302Hess PA 1220182018NoYesLink
212SG 198212MAN NL363 Lion`s City20182018NoYesLink
213SG 198213MAN NL363 Lion`s City20182018NoYesLink
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