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All rules are available in english. If you want to help to translate it please contact.


Rules are totally out of date. We are working on new one but if you have some time you can read:

Transport.Wroc.Biz Regulations


I am strongly against any regulations. In my opinion they almost never help and often disturb. It is impossible to predict and write down everything into rules, so it going to be as short as possible. You don.t have to read it, but don't make it an excuse.

1. Basic rules

1.1. Phototrans.eu is a page which contains information and pictures of vehicles and related things.
1.2. Data about vehicles and pictures are delivered by members of this page. The content is provided as is whithout any warranty.
1.3. Administrator of this page is not in charge of data provided here. We are completing it in good faith but we are just humans and can simply mistake.
1.4. We are not proceeding requests from companies to remove data. Data are provided by members of phototrans.eu and we respect their work.
1.5. If looking at your pictures you can find more and more errors and defects in them, we surely speak the same language. If your pictures seem to just get better, this is probably not the best place for you.
1.6. All changes to these regulations are made by the administrator and consulted by censors on forum. You can also send your proposals there
1.7. Any arguable matters not included in these regulations shall be decided by the administrator, although he dislikes that very much.

2. Accounts

2.1. To become member of this page you must complete registration and have an account.
2.2. Types of accounts:
Administrator - a person running this whole web page, makes decision in most important cases and regulates the general shape of this service.
Limiter - a person entitled to increase or decrease other authors. daily limits. Most often combined with censor duties.
Censor - a person entitled to block other authors pictures.
God - a person responsible for dealing with new account requests.
Editor - a person who is able to edit description of other users photos.
Newser - a person who can add information on main page.
Member - a person with account and a possibility to upload pictures.
2.3. You need an account to be able to upload pictures.
2.4. In order to obtain an account you need to send a registration form including your e-mail, self-made photo of a vehicle and a short description of that photo and then wait for administrators decision.
2.4.1. By sending picture you are accepting that is will be visible on our canditates forum forever.
2.3. You can also loose your account for disobedience to these regulations.
2.4. Administrator has the right to delete any account without warning for reasons beyond these regulations.
2.5. Administrator does not settle argues between other authors.
2.6. When an account is deleted, we do not send any congratulation letters or certificates. If your pictures are gone and your password does not work that means your service here is no longer required.

3. Pictures:

3.1. Phototrans.* is designated for posting photos of public transport from all over the world and this galaxy.
3.1.1. We do not intend to expand beyond this galaxy.
3.2. Phototrans.* goal is to document and show what is reality today and perhaps history tomorrow.
3.3. Preferred pictures size is about 1150x750 and around 900kB but not exceeding 1100kB. We must remember, that not everyone has 1600x1400 screens. Pictures like this require less space, load faster and present little commercial use (picture theft).
3.4. Watermarks should not exceed font size 20 pt, larger can spoil all your effort.
3.5. You don.t have to upload here every picture you take, choose the best ones.
3.6. Limits are meant to restrict you and you don't have to use them all. No requests for limit increase shall by heard. The only way is to upload good photos and then your limit shall be increased.


4.1. Photogallery intends to give everyone the ability to comment a picture, unfortunately not everyone makes good use of it.
4.2. Essential comments are highly welcome.
4.3. We obey grammar and spelling rules of the language we write in. Any dyslexia or dysgraphia does not matter.
4.4. No spamming or advertising.
4.5. No insulting others, no off-topic discussions on politics, believes etc.
4.6. Administrator has the right to delete any comment without warning.
4.7. By adding comment you approve that all entered information and IP, Proxy and other values from your HTTP_POST header can be stored, exposed and processed by administrator.
4.8. Responsibility for content of comments lies on author of comment.

5. Blocking pictures:

5.1. Pictures are blocked by censors.
5.1.1 Do not upload a blocked picture again.
5.2. Blocked pictures are of poor quality (blurred, skew, dark, etc.) or uninteresting.
5.3. Users do not consider blocking personal and censors do not make such.
5.4. When your picture was blocked. Do not panic. You can ask for reason on our message board. Make sure to include direct link to blocked picture and sign yourself.
5.5. We do our best to answer any questions, but in some occasions it may take some time.

6. Voting (rail part)

6.1. Anyone who added photo during lat two weeks is able to vote on other authors photos.
6.2. Vote is individual and private expression of everyone taste, Nobody has nothing to do with it. Although person who is voting should show some kind of responsibility and objectivity.
6.3. Voting is anonymous.
6.4. Author can turn off voting but this affect changing photostatuses (see 7.3).

7. Photostatuses (rail part)

7.1. We have four different photo statuses:
Public (green) - Everyone can see this photo
Historic (grey) - Everyone can see this photo and photo is made before 2000 year or is showing some important part of history which now does not exists.
Not-Public (yellow) - Only logged in users can see this photo
Blocked, Rejected (red) - Only author or censor can see this photo.
7.1. Votes are basis to calculating points.
7.2. Points are basis to change photo status:
between -6 and 15 - photo is not-public.
under -7 - photo is rejected
above 15 - photo is public.
7.3. Censor can also change status of photo.
7.4. If author turned off voting, changing status is a decision of censors.

8. Final resolutions

8.1. Regulations enter into force on announcement.
8.2. Regulations apply to whole phototrans web page.

A short guide on how to get your pictures past the censors:

First of all a word of introduction. This gallery was not created for the sole purpose of putting up pictures of all sorts of public transport vehicles. The other, equally important objective, is to develop your photography skills. Not to mention, server space doesn't come free. So we have to screen those pictures which Well Frankly, those that are crap.
So - here's a quick guide on how NOT to get your pic blocked.
1. The vehicle has got to be WHOLLY on the picture. Not just one portion, no cars, trees or people in front. We don't care. Sorry.
2. Make sure you know where the sun is. Ever taken a picture where your girlfriend/boyfriend/mum/sister/dog (delete as appropriate) is in the shade whereas the sky is burning up because the camera is going berserk and doesn't know where the hell to look and measure the light intensity? Yeah. So have we. And we NEVER posted it anywhere let alone on a large public gallery. In case you didn't get the subtle hint in point MAKE SURE YOU ARE WITH YOUR BACK TO THE SUN.
3. Yes, we know. Buses, trams, and trains are vehicles. Common sense tells us they MOVE. Common sense also tells us our cameras aren't always the best at capturing that movement, leading to a bit of blurriness every once in a while. Sure, that can be cute. Yes, it may even remind some of us about the time we took those funny pills our friends gave us before we went to the party. But no, we never posted pictures of that.
4. Given, that a lot of kids in Europe and - actually - all over the developed world are suffering from obesity, we do understand you may be hit by that terrible affliction. As such, we know that it must take a lot of effort for you to actually drag your huge frame more than two metres away from the vehicle before you take the photo. Unfortunately, this gallery is not politically correct. So, if any of you fat arses don't walk away more than 5 metres from the vehicle - we WILL block. Remember - exercise is good for your health.
5. People who get the "B" letter behind their nickname probably have a little experience in shooting photos already. As such, they can tell if a picture is crooked. You know we have those cool displays like they had in Top Gun actually IN our heads. We won't usually block your pictures if they are not 100% straight - but if you fail to correct those mistakes - yeah - you know the drill by now, right?
6. In case you do find that red little number has grown overnight, ask about it here: http://forum.phototrans.eu/forum/viewforum.php?f=9 we'll get back to you. Hopefully :)
7. You're still scratching your head? If so, go get it checked. Our trained specialists are standing by in our own little call centre - straphan@hotmail.com via MSN or ICQ 484966853.
And finally a good luck guys! :) May the best survive!



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