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Arriva Passenger Transport Netherlands B.V.

Operators Details

NameArriva Passenger Transport Netherlands B.V.
AddressNL-8441 BH Heerenveen, Trambaan 3
WWW Pagehttp://www.arriva.nl/
Phone0900 202 202 2
Operators AttributesRegular Bus Operator

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List Of Vehicles

Current Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
6601-6615 Irisbus Citelis 12Irisbus2013-
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6086-6768 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II2010-No Photo154/160
7201-7792 Volvo 8900LE 13,1mVolvoVolvo 8900Volvo B8RLE 4x2 (T7)Volvo D8K3202014-
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7501-7519 Mercedes-Benz Intouro MMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz IntouroMercedes-Benz OM926LA [926.939]Mercedes-Benz GO1102012-No Photo18/19
0207-6189 DAF SB200 / Berkhof Ambassador 200 ALE-120Berkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) AmbassadorDAF SB2002006-No Photo7/38
5928-6301 DAF SB200 / Wright CommanderWrightWright CommanderDAF SB2002002-
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6131-7184 Mercedes-Benz O550Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O5502003-
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8461-9248 VDL Citea LLE120VDLVDL Citea2012-
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0031-0041 Scania CK UB4x2LBScaniaScania CK OmniLinkScania K UB4x2LB2016-
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8101-9319 VDL Citea SLF120VDLVDL Citea2014-No Photo94/94
50-8451 VDL Berkhof Ambassador 200 ALE-120Berkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) AmbassadorVDL SB2002004-
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4832-4886 Van Hool A300HybVan HoolVan Hool newA300/320/330/3602012-
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6471-6475 Irisbus Citelis 10.5M CNGIrisbusIrisbus Citelis 10.5MIveco Cursor 8 F2BE0642FVoith D854.52013-
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7533-7552 Mercedes-Benz Intouro LMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz IntouroMercedes-Benz OM936Mercedes-Benz GO1902016-
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158-7948 Mercedes-Benz O530GMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O530GMercedes-Benz 6281999-
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8651-8860 VDL Berkhof Ambassador 180 ALE-106Berkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) AmbassadorVDL SB1802012-
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6073-7353 Mercedes-Benz 311 CDIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IIMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II 3xxMercedes-Benz OM 646 DE 22 LA [646.985]2007-No Photo13/28
7701-7760 Volvo 8900LE 13,1mVolvoVolvo 8900Volvo B7RLE 4x2 (R6)Volvo D7E290 (R7)2012-
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7298 Volvo 8900LE 12,1mVolvoVolvo 8900Volvo B8RLE 4x2 (T7)Volvo D8K2802017-No Photo1/1
7301-7324 Mercedes-Benz Intouro MMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz IntouroMercedes-Benz OM936Mercedes-Benz GO1902014-No Photo24/24
251-254 MAN NGxx3 Lion`s City G CNGMANMAN NGxx3 Lion`s City GMAN A23 (NGxx3)2008-No Photo4/4
8691 VDL Citea XLE145VDLVDL Citea2012-No Photo1/1
0190-0192 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 77Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter CityMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II 5xxMercedes-Benz OM 651 DE 22 LA2018-
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7771-7777 Volvo 8900LE 14,8mVolvoVolvo 8900Volvo B7RLE 6x2 (R6)Volvo D7E290 (R7)2012-
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7296-7762 Volvo 8700LE 12,9mVolvoVolvo 8700Volvo B7RLE 4x2 (R6)Volvo D7E290 (R7)2015-
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6030-6045 Heuliez GX127HeuliezHeuliez GX127/127L2007-
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521-784 Mercedes-Benz O530Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O530Mercedes-Benz 6282002-
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0042,0043 Scania CK230UB 4x2 LBScaniaScania OmniLink (K-series)Scania K UB 4x2 LBScania DC9 30 230ZF 5HP504C2016-
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7851-7898 Scania CL94UA 6x2/2 LBScaniaScania OmniLink (4-series)Scania L94UAScania DC9 03 300ZF 5HP602C2005-
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6050-6093 Rošero First FCLLI ElectricRošeroRošero First FCLLI2010-No Photo2/6
0281-0292 MAN NG323 Lion`s City GMANMAN NGxx3 Lion`s City GMAN A232016-No Photo5/5
6428-6515 FIAT Ducato / Tribus CivitasTribusTribus CivitasFIAT Ducato III2010-No Photo4/9
9151-9178 VDL Citea LLE99VDLVDL Citea2016-No Photo28/28
7191-7195 Mercedes-Benz IntegroMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Integro2009-No Photo5/5
3011-9628 VDL Citea SLF-120 ElectricVDLVDL Citea2016-
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6435-6437 ?Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 35Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IIMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II 5xx2016-No Photo3/4
6451-6464 Irisbus Crossway 10.8 LEIrisbusIrisbus Crossway LE2012-No Photo14/14
0741-1001 Mercedes-Benz O530LE IIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O530LEMercedes-Benz 628 02 (O530 II)2005-No Photo5/6
4801-4811 Volvo 7900 Electric 12,0mVolvoVolvo 7900Volvo BE (U1)Volvo ? 200 kW (W1)Volvo I-Shift AT2412F2019-No Photo11/11
7299 Volvo 7900 Hybrid 12,1mVolvoVolvo 7900Volvo B5LH (T1)Volvo D5K240 (U2)Volvo I-Shift AT2412E2016-No Photo1/1
3031-8626 VDL Citea SLFA-180 ElectricVDLVDL CiteaSiemens Elfa 22017-
View All
0726-9662 VDL Citea LLE-99 ElectricVDLVDL Citea2016-
View All
3001-3006 BYD K9BBYDBYD K9BYD K92013-No Photo6/6
6702-6710 Mercedes-Benz 213 CDIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IIMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk II 2xxMercedes-Benz OM 646.989/651 DE 22 LA2014-
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Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
Unknown ?Ford TransitFordTechnical Equipment?-
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9701-9744 Miscellaneous vehiclesMiscellaneousMiscellaneous vehicles2019-No Photo8/8

Historic Fleet

Vehicle NumbersModel NameManufacturerBodyChassisEngineGearbox
Year Of GetYear Of RemovePhotos
5850-5899 Dennis Dart SLF / Alexander ALX200AlexanderAlexander ALX200Dennis Dart SLF20002013No Photo0/50
5900-5919 Volvo B10BLE / Carrus City LVolvoCarrus CityVolvo B10BLE (R4)Volvo DH10A245 (A5)20012010No Photo0/19
138-153 Mercedes-Benz O405GMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O405GMercedes-Benz O405G19912005No Photo0/2
1002 Optare Tempo X1200OptareOptare Tempo20102010No Photo0/1
5822-5845 DAF SB220 / Berkhof 2000NLBerkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) ST2000DAF SB22020002010
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1117-4757 Mercedes-Benz O408Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O408Mercedes-Benz 612 + 357 (O405)19932010No Photo0/30
14-6327 DAF SB201 / Hainje CSA-IIHainjeHainje CSA-IIDAF SB20119982003No Photo0/7
6025-6110 Mercedes-Benz 411 CDIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk I 4xxMercedes-Benz OM 611 DE 22 LA [611.981]20022010No Photo0/5
6072-6129 Mercedes-Benz 308 CDIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IMercedes-Benz 308 CDIMercedes-Benz OM 611 DE 22 LA [611.987]20052015No Photo0/10
1001 MAN EL283MANMAN ELxx3MAN A7820082010No Photo0/1
255-260 MAN NG313 Lion`s City G CNGMANMAN NGxx3 Lion`s City GMAN A23MAN E2876LUH0320082011No Photo0/6
7830,7831 Scania CL94UA 6x2/2 LBScaniaScania OmniLink (4-series)Scania L94UAScania DC9 05 260 (CRT)ZF 5HP592C20042011No Photo0/2
139 Mercedes-Benz O405Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O405Mercedes-Benz O405/O407/O40819982007No Photo0/1
Unknown ?MAN-VW 8.90 F-ZB / HainjeHainjeHainje [Midi-tourbus]MAN-VW 8.xxx FOC19982000No Photo0/1
5800-7323 Mercedes-Benz 208 DMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IMercedes-Benz 208 DMercedes-Benz OM 601 D 2319992012No Photo0/6
9042-9089 Volvo B10MA-55 / Berkhof DuvedecBerkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) ST2000Volvo B10MA20072008No Photo0/12
5920-5927 DAF SB120 / Wright CadetWrightWright CadetDAF SB12020022010No Photo0/8
5810-5821 Mercedes-Benz O550LMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O550Mercedes-Benz OM457hLA [457.942]20002010No Photo0/12
41-68 ?Volvo B10B-55 / Berkhof DuvedecBerkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) ST2000Volvo B10B20062009No Photo0/31
5846-7356 Mercedes-Benz 208 CDIMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk IMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk1 2xxMercedes-Benz OM 611 DE 22 LA [611.987]20022015
View All
6071-6128 Volkswagen LT 28VolkswagenVolkswagen LT IIVolkswagen LT 28 [2D]20042013No Photo0/5
0044 Mercedes-Benz O530 C2Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz O530 C2Mercedes-Benz 628 03Mercedes-Benz OM936hVoith D854.620162017No Photo0/1
0045 Setra S416 LE businessSetraSetra MultiClass 400 LE businessMercedes-Benz OM936h20162018No Photo0/1
Unknown ?Berkhof 2000NLBerkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) ST2000??No Photo0/1
5401-5427 Volvo 7700 HybridVolvoVolvo 7000/7700Volvo B5LH (T1)Volvo D5F215 (R9)Volvo I-Shift AT2412D20112018
View All
5940 FIAT Ducato IIFIATFIAT Ducato IIFIAT Ducato II20022009No Photo0/1
6061-6067 Optare SoloOptareOptare Solo20102018
View All
3501-9661 DAF MB200 / Den OudstenDen OudstenDen Oudsten StandaardstreekbusDAF MB20019822004No Photo0/5
1080-1086 Volvo B10M-55 / Berkhof 2000NLBerkhof (Heerenveen)Berkhof (Heerenveen) ST2000Volvo B10M20062008No Photo0/7
1087 Iveco EuroRider 391E.12.29 / ??Iveco EuroRider 391E.12 (662)20062007No Photo0/1
8081-8090 Scania CL94UB 4x2 LBScaniaScania OmniLink (4-series)Scania L94UBScania DC9 01 230ZF 5HP502C20062011No Photo0/10
4144-4597 DAF MB230 / Den Oudsten B88Den OudstenDen Oudsten B88DAF MB2301998?No Photo0/3
4613 DAF SB220 / Den Oudsten B89Den OudstenDen Oudsten AllianceDAF SB22019982006No Photo0/1
6021,6022 Volkswagen Transporter T5 / Kutsenits City IVKutsenitsKutsenits City IV20042009No Photo0/2
8071-8080 Scania CK230UB 4x2 LBScaniaScania OmniLink (K-series)Scania K UB 4x2 LBScania DC9 16 23020062018
View All
6023,6024 Mercedes-Benz 616 CDI / KutsenitsKutsenitsKutsenits [Sprinter]Mercedes-Benz 616 CDIMercedes-Benz OM 612 DE 27 LA20062009No Photo0/2
5501-5506 Volvo 8700LE 14,5mVolvoVolvo 8700Volvo B12BLE 6x2 (R8)Volvo DH12D340 (F8)20112012No Photo0/6
6079 Volkswagen LT 35 TDIVolkswagenVolkswagen LT IIVolkswagen LT 35 [2D]20072011No Photo0/1
Unknown ?VDL Citea MLE-88/180WrightVDL Citea MLECummins ISB4.5 E6 180B20142014No Photo0/1
Unknown ?BYD K9BYDBYD K9BYD K920162016No Photo0/1
Unknown ?Iveco TurboDaily 35-10IvecoIveco Daily (2)Iveco Daily 35 (3)19981999No Photo0/1
561 MAN NL243 Lion`s City CNGMANMAN NLxx3 Lion`s CityMAN NLxx3 (A21/A22)20082009No Photo0/1
3101 King Long XMQ6121GKing LongKing Long XMQ6121GKing Long XMQ6121G20142014No Photo0/1
5701 DAF SBR3015 / Berkhof InterlinerBerkhofBerkhof ExcellenceDAF SBR300019982009No Photo0/1
1138-1147 Iveco EuroRider 391E.12.29A / Den Oudsten B89Den OudstenDen Oudsten AllianceIveco EuroRider 391E.12 (662)19982000No Photo0/10
1152-1162 Den Oudsten B91Den OudstenDen Oudsten Alliance19982010No Photo0/11
1254-1257 DAF DL595 / Den Oudsten B96Den OudstenDen Oudsten AllianceDAF DL59519982010No Photo0/4